We have been silk screen printing since 1976, this method is great for promoting on t-shirts, sweatshirts and others on quantities over 10 items.

Screen printing is ideally best for runs of more than 10 prints and also for larger designs & it is a very durable medium with the majority of fashion houses utilising this method.

The process to screen print a garment is firstly the artwork is designed then once approved the screens are made (they once were made from silk mesh but now synthetic meshes are used) with the design exposed on them, one screen for each colour. These are then setup on a printing machine and registered so they will produce the design correctly. Once this is done the screens are loaded with the correct ink and squeegees are fitted to the machine, these force the ink through the screen onto the garment. The garments are then printed and taken off the machine to be put through a dryer to cure the ink onto the garment.

This makes the print colourfast and wash-fast as long as the wear/washing instructions are followed.


  • Very good for mid to large runs.
  • Produces a very durable finish
  • Great for spot colours


  • Low runs are costly as the set up time to print run time is much larger.
  • Doesn’t produce high definition images

We can produce with this medium:

  • Up to 14 colours.
  • Over 50,000 prints a week.
  • Industry leading artwork separations & techniques.
  • Speciality applications.
  • In-house artwork department.

With over 30 years of experience in this medium - Embroidery will give your finished garments a much more prestigious look and feel and will give a harder wearing result.

It is suited to workwear and also to business clothing as it can give a more professional look. If this is applied to jackets or any weather proofed material it has to be coated in a water resistant clear substance in order to keep the waterproofing of the material.
It also offers a solution to fleece material and headwear.
One thing to bear in mind is as the design is made up of stitches – the bigger the design the more expensive it will be, typically embroidery is used either for small designs (10cm x 10cm area) or text only designs to keep the costs down.


  • Gives a professional look.
  • ‘Lifts’ the design to give a slightly raised effect and the stitching gives…
  • Hardwearing


  • Bigger the design the more costly
  • Cannot do detailed designs such as small fonts (text needs to be at least 7mm high).

We can produce with this medium:

  • Up to 15 thread colours.
  • Personalisation.
  • Design digitisation to provide top quality reproduction.
  • Embroidery on many types of leisurewear including Bags, Headwear, etc
  • No minimum quantities required.

The new kid on the block - basically inkjet printing onto garments - great for low run high definition designs.

  • High definition low runs on white and dark garments.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Industry leading artwork separations & techniques

A brilliant alternative to Silk Screen Printing and can offer much higher definition with high flexibility runs starting at 1 piece.
Transfers can be applied to specialist fabric garment to stop sublimation which would occur with traditional Silk Screen Printing.

  • Digital, Thermal, Printed, Vinyl, Flock and others.
  • Up to high definition photographic full colour.
  • Specialist substrates catered for.
  • Personalisation

A great way to promote your company image, we have been offering promotional items since the 1980s and have unparallelled experience in this field.

  • Ethically sourced.
  • Vast range of promotional ideas.
  • From small to large quatities.

  • Up to retail spec. packaging inc specialised bagging, bar code production, Metal Detection, Kimball tagging & pack collation.
  • Fulfilment, palletised & dedicated carriage services to UK & Europe.
  • Re-labelling.
  • Bespoke garment manufacture through our network of partner factories in Europe & the Far East.